Our guiding mission is to produce tasty, fresh and local food in ways which don’t cost the earth. Growing and supplying gourmet Microgreens and Microherbs for local distribution from the Holme Valley in West Yorkshire. 


Our aim is tastier, healthier food that our customers will want more of! We believe that the love, care and attention to the growing process, the environment and to sustainable farming techniques will be reflected in the quality and taste of our produce.


Chefs and home cooks alike are discovering the difference that fresh local produce can make. Food that is harvested just before delivery and only has a few miles to travel from farm to plate is more likely to be fresh. Peas shoots that have travelled just three miles to grace a salad are bound to taste better and be more nutritious an those that have travelled half a continent or further.


Knowing where your food is from connects you to the people who raise and grow it. Money spent with local farmers, growers, artisans and locally-owned restaurants all stays close to home. It works to build your local economy instead of being handed over to a corporation in another city or country.


We create the world we want to live in – and at Moreish we want to move away from a food system that is energy intensive, environmentally destructive and socially inequitable. There are viable alternatives to large-scale and environmentally damaging ‘big agriculture’. Growing food locally, at a smaller, more human scale is our contribution to reshaping the food system to be more environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. 

By growing on a small scale, focusing on local markets for minimum food miles and using modern innovations in farming, we’ll also minimise our use of fossil fuels.


The Moreish way is to blend traditional, sustainable farming techniques with high-tech urban agriculture. Our initial offer, gourmet Microgreens and Microherbs – including pea shoots, rocket, micro-broccoli, micro-radish and micro-Coriander – are grown using modern, urban farming techniques in a pest free indoor environment with the help of low energy LED lights.

We are a new start-up looking to launch formally in Autumn 18. Initially, we’re investing in our indoor Microgreens production facilities, growing gourmet Microgreens and Microherbs primarily for the restaurant market. Our longer term ambitions are to supply a wide range of seasonal greens and vegetables, direct to consumers, local retailers and via farmers markets in addition to supplying the restaurant trade. We’d love you to join us on our journey and for you to connect with us whether you’re a local chef or restauranteur or householder interested in quality locally grown food – let us know what produce you would love for us to grow! 
John Heneghan